About Cotton Collective

Corli Strydom is a South African painter, interior designer and textile designer. With degrees in fine arts and textile design, it’s her eye for beauty and her passion for accessible art that sets her apart. Corli is the driving force behind Cotton Collective. She ensures that the melting pot of talent and creativity that makes up the Cotton Collective team results in only the best products.

But art isn’t Corli’s only passion. She believes strongly in the power of women, and is determined to empower other women to build skills, and to transform those skills into real jobs. She does this with the help of the Hanna Charity and Empowerment Foundation, hiring and training disadvantaged women to help create the quality, handmade designer baby linen sold under the banner of Cotton Collective.

Cotton Collective creates designer baby bed linen. We strive to combine unique designs, original illustrations and quality material into a unique, quality handmade product to transform your baby’s room into something extraordinary. Our products are South African-made from beginning to end, with plenty of love and care poured into the process at every step. Our products are breathable, washable and hypoallergenic to make sure Baby stays happy and healthy.

So let’s meet the Love-A-Lots – the cheerful characters that breathe life into Baby’s room!


Rumble in the Jungle is a cheerful fellow, perfect to kick off bedtime story telling. He embodies a spirit of adventure, bravery, and a little mischief. But above all, he embodies love!


Singing in the Rain is about beginnings. It’s about friendship, purity, and joy. These two friends will bring a feeling of cheer into any baby’s room.


Or ‘Raining Love’ for short. This design embodies pure love. It’s all about comfort, care and the bliss of being held in Mommy’s arms.