Baby Blanket Muslin & Receiver Combo

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Muslin swaddle and Receving Blanket Combo is the ultimate "starter set" for any new Mommy. In our hot climate you can not go without your muslin blanket and our receiver-cot blanket with its wonderful soft minky back keeps baby warm. And they just love the feel of the fabric.

The reason we swaddle is to make the transition from womb to world easier for your baby. With our new 100% cotton Muslin swaddle baby blanket this becomes a lot easier!

The muslin swaddle blanket size is 140 cm x 100 cm allowing multiple uses. Whether you swaddle, cover baby in the stroller and car seat. or use it as a burp cloth you will soon take it everywhere!

Receiving Blanket: 75cm x 80cm.

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